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If you’re considering dental implants in Ontario, be sure it will be performed by a surgeon who knows exactly how to create a smile that looks natural, lasts forever, and boosts confidence.  Dr. Lorenzo Vigna is an oral & maxillofacial surgeon, with 24 years experience placing thousands of dental implants.

Dr. Vigna’s practice is currently focused around full mouth reconstruction with dental implants.  He routinely performs all-on-4 procedures that result in immediate, permanent teeth!

Futhermore, Dr. Vigna was trained to perform Zygomatic dental implants in San Francisco, California by Dr. Edmond Bedrossian.  Only a few oral surgeons in Ontario are able to perform this procedure.  Dr. Vigna regularly performs zygoma implant surgeries.

Dr. Vigna also performs lectures across North America on topics related to dental implants.  He is truly a master at his craft and a leader in his field.  Let Dr. Vigna be your surgeon of choice for dental implants in Ontario.  You can trust your smile to him!

We are your trusted source for dental implants in Ontario

We understand how important your smile is and why you may be considering different dental procedures. One such procedure you should definitely add to your list of options is dental implants, but before you do that, you may want to know a little more about them, how they work, how much they cost, etc.

Dental implants are used to replace teeth, either in lieu of dentures, or to aid in securing them. Dental implants can also be performed on single teeth or multiple. There are also different types of implants and which one you end up with is determined by the health and size of your jawbone. You might not already know which implants are right for you and that’s okay, because we’ll give you a brief overview of some of the most common procedures to better help prepare you, and which type of implants you require will be determined by Dr. Vigna upon further examination.

Our private clinic is located in St. Catharines, but we proudly serve all of Southern Ontario.  If you are looking for dental implants in Stoney Creek or dental implants in Fonthill, be sure to give us a call for a consultation!

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are the most common procedure and involve the placement of a titanium screw directly into the jawbone, these screws can hold one or more teeth. Endosteal implants are recommended if your jawbone meets health and size requirements. The procedure for endosteal implants involves cutting the gums to expose the jawbone, followed by drilling into the bone where your surgeon will then implant the endosteal post. Once the placement is complete, the gum around the implant will then be closed.

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants are another implantation procedure and involve placing the implant directly on top of the jawbone, instead of inside. Subperiosteal implants are recommended for patients who lack the necessary jawbone strength and size required for endosteal implants. The procedure for subperiosteal implants also involves cutting the gums to expose the jawbone, then your surgeon will place a metal frame on top of the bone, before closing the gum where it will heal around the exposed part of the implant.

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are less common as they are typically only recommended for special cases, especially when endosteal or subperiosteal implants cannot be performed, generally because the patients’ jawbone isn’t strong enough to support either one. Zygomatic implants involve screwing the implant into the zygomatic bone, also known as the cheekbone, instead of the jaw. In cases of severe bone atrophy, Zygomatic implants provide a solution and allow one to have fixed teeth without a jawbone.

Following your dental surgery, something you should know about the healing process is that your body is going to go through something known as osseointegration, which causes new bone growth and makes your dental implants become permanently affixed to your bone; this process can typically take from 2-6 months. And as long as you follow the proper care regimen for your dental implants, by following an oral hygiene routine, and adhering to regular dentists visits, your dental implants can easily last you a whole lifetime, making them an incredibly worthwhile investment.

The real cost of dental implants is doing nothing…

If you are interested in getting dental implants, then you are more than likely wondering just how much procedures like these cost. Of course price will vary by procedure and medical professional, so we have done our best to compile the price ranges as accurately as possible, to aid in your decision making process. We’ll be the first to admit that dental implants aren’t cheap, but with the proper care, can be a lifelong investment.

If you are looking into receiving endosteal implants – which are inserted directly into the jawbone – you can expect to pay approximately $1000-$2000 for the placement of the titanium implant. The more expensive part of this procedure comes from the crown, which can typically cost anywhere from $2000-$3000. If you are interested in subperiosteal implants – which sit directly on top of the jawbone – you might be expected to pay anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. For zygomatic implants – which utilize the cheekbone (or zygomatic bone) instead of the jawbone – the cost can range from $12,000-$30,000. The price-tags for subperiosteal and zygomatic implants can sometimes include the cost for your crowns as well, depending on the application. And finally, if you are looking into all on 4 dental implants, the average cost (per jaw) is approximately $15,000-$35,000 and this covers the cost for the entire procedure, including crowns.

Like we said, dental implants certainly aren’t cheap, but what they are is worth investing in. As long as you put in the proper amount of effort with your implants, you can without a doubt make them last for many years to come!  Ultimately, a smile that looks natural and boosts your confidence is priceless.  The real cost is doing nothing while you struggle to cope with the physical and mental side effects of bad and/or missing teeth.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

If you have been considering dental implant surgery, then you may have already found yourself considering dentures, or weighing the two against each other in order to help draw your conclusion. Perhaps you are wondering what some of the differences are, if one is better than the other, more cost-efficient, more durable, or maybe you want to know if one set of prosthetic teeth requires a different type of care from the other. There are a lot of potential questions you may be running through right now and we are going to do our best to answer them and aid you in pointing out some pros and cons of both as well!

Dentures are definitely an old-school method when it comes to prosthetic teeth, that being said they are also the more common replacement because they are certainly cheaper than dental implants. But did you know that dentures are recommended to be replaced every 5-10 years? You will also need additional products for your prosthetic, such as denture adhesive and solution. The fitting of your dentures is also highly important, because if your dentures do not adhere perfectly to your gums when applied, you risk having to constantly re-adhere them, or your dentures slipping while in public. Loose dentures can also lead to irritation of the gums, which can, unfortunately, leave you vulnerable to sores and infection as well. You may also have to soak your dentures overnight in order for them to retain their perfect shape.

Dental implants are more new-age when it comes to tooth replacement, they are also the more expensive option of the two because they involve additional surgery on top of tooth removal. With dental implants you do not have to worry about fit as they are embedded in your jawbone, you also do not have to worry about removal to clean them more thoroughly, or overnight soaking, as they function completely like a natural tooth and less like a prosthetic. You can care for your dental implants like you can your natural teeth and taking good care of your dental implants also means that they have the potential to last you a lifetime, instead of replacing them once or twice every decade. So while dental implants certainly have the higher price-tag, they are also a much longer-lasting investment.

Our Teeth-in-a-Day Procedure

We know how hard it is to put life on hold, even for a moment sometimes, but we also know how important it can be to maintain something as detrimental as your oral hygiene. Your smile might be the first thing a lot of people notice about you and that can be an intimidating thought. As much as you may want to make yourself a dental implant appointment, it can be hard to find the time in your schedule. If you are considering a procedure like dental implants, it might seem even harder to make room in your timetable. Dental implants may seem like a long and grueling process, but they certainly aren’t and should never have to be. If you are thinking about dental implant surgeries, but are finding yourself worried about time consumption, including the time it takes to perform the surgery and the entirety of the healing process, then let us ease that worry because there are procedures like teeth in a day and all on 4 dental implants that may be the perfect fit for you.

Teeth in a day means exactly what you think it does! If you are looking to have a singular tooth, or multiple teeth replaced on your upper or lower jaw and want to complete the process all at once, it is completely possible with this procedure. Unlike your standard dental implant surgery, where you will have to wait 2-6 months for your jawbone to osseointegrate – which is a natural process in which your jawbone fuses to the titanium implants in order to create a sustainable base for your new teeth – before you can have your prosthetic teeth affixed, you can leave your dental office with a full set of brand new teeth.

Teeth in a day, or all on 4 dental implants, give patients the ability to have only four implants secured in order to support an entirely new row of teeth, that will look, feel and function like your natural healthy teeth. In just one day, your oral surgeon will be able to remove any diseased teeth before performing your dental implant surgery, precisely inserting the titanium posts for your new teeth directly into the jawbone. You will typically end up with a set of temporary crowns, which again can end up being 2-6 months, because you are still going to experience osseointegration, before you are given your permanent prosthetic teeth.

With teeth in a day, or all on 4 dental implants, you are guaranteed to not only regain your confidence, but your full and beautiful smile, in a much shorter time frame than a standard dental implant surgery and with that you can certainly worry less about your dental procedure occupying too much of your calendar. So if you have been putting off consulting with a dentist about your potential oral surgery because you are worried about the time it takes, we hope that this helps you even a little bit and encourages you to further look into your options!

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